Brazen and Brash is a Fashion Accessory & All Natural Body Luxury Boutique that Celebrates Women Who Are Bold and Audacious Without Shame and Love Being the Center of Attention.

Make Your Statement
We are ALL unique in our own ways with characteristics that make us stand out and help us make our own statements to be heard.


Be All Natural
When you know exactly what you are putting in and on your body and how it can benefit you, you can fully understand your true beauty and see yourself visually for who you really are.


Celebrate Being The Best You
We want to help you celebrate being the best you possible, while looking Snazzy, Faboulous, and Chic!

Meet the Owner: Alicia Carter

I started Brazen & Brash as hobby at first, but when people started asking me about my unique one of a kind jewelry pieces I figured there was a demand for something that I made and can provide. When I was fed up with my corporate job and sick with the politics of it all, I knew it was my time to get my business off to a rolling and roaring start. Starting with jewelry pieces and moving into a new and healthier me, I gained the experience of making my own bath and body products. I came up with the idea of a Fashion Accessory & Beauty Boutique to provide fashionable accessories and clean and natural products for women show off the best them possible.

Every Woman Has a Statement to Make and Brazen & Brash is There to Make Sure They Are Heard

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